Imagine having nowhere to go; nowhere to sleep, eat or shower. Now, imagine having children to take care of under these circumstances. Where would you go?


Abby’s House is Worcester’s largest provider of affordable housing specifically designed to meet the needs of women and children.


We all need support to get through the tough times in our lives. At Abby's, having a personal Advocate makes a world of difference to the women we serve. 

We are happy to announce that Bay State Savings, Commerce Bank, Millbury Savings and Southbridge Savings have donated nearly $2,000 to Buy-A-Bed! We'll be running this campaign throughout 2013, so it's not too late to get involved!

Last week we received a bequest for more than $60,000, which will make a world of difference to the homeless women & children we serve! If you'd like to consider leaving a gift to Abby's in your estate, please visit the section on planned giving on our website!

Our Mission

Since 1976, Abby Kelley Foster House, Inc. (Abby’s House) has provided more than 11,500 homeless women and children with a safe place to stay, regroup, and rebuild. Abby’s House was among the first shelter for women, with or without children, in the U.S. At present, it is one of two family shelters in the area that does not require its guests to be on welfare. With 78 units, Abby’s House is the largest provider of affordable housing in Worcester designed  to meet the needs of women and children.

Things We Need


5lb bags of sugar
Canned tuna
Peanut butter
Hot chocolate
Pasta sauce
Fruit juices


Home Depot gift cards
Countertop microwaves (new)
Heavy duty wheel barrow (new)
Toilet flush valves (new)
9” paint roller sleeves
Canvas drop cloths
13-gallon trash bags
Bath mats (new)
Heavy duty shower liners (new)