Brightspot Winter 2011

Volume 29, Issue 3; Winter 2011


On Saturday, October 15, more than 200 people turned out to participate in the 2nd Annual HipHipHerRace, a benefit 5K race held in West Boylston. Runners and walkers alike enjoyed the beautiful course, which looped around the reservoir and through the autumn foliage. The race also featured prizes for overall and age category winners, raffle prizes, free food and massages, and was great fun for all.

All Grants were received between 7/1 – 9/31/11

Agnes M. Lindsay
Fletcher Foundation
Greater Worcester Community Foundation (GWCF)
Wynne Chase Fund
C. Jean & Myles
McDonough Fund
Lillian Pratt Fund
Tapper Charitable
Webster Five Savings
Avidia Bank
Bank of America

by Julie Komenos

These days, we have a whole new vocabulary to describe how we relate to one another: texting, blogging, face booking, tweeting--all done on our smart phones, iPads, or other gadgets. While these new forms and modes of communication help people stay connected, nothing replaces the impact of face-to-face conversation.

As the Holiday season approaches, Abby's staff is hard at work preparing for the outpouring of gifts the holidays bring. We are also preparing to deal with emotions many guests and residents experience at this time. Some are dealing with difficult emotions due to loss of relatives, housing, or relationships; others are wondering how they will survive the winter months without a stable place to live or worrying if they can properly feed and clothe their children.