Making Room for Peace

Each woman who comes to Abby’s House has experienced some sort of trauma or crisis that forces her to reach out for help. The following letter is from one of the many women who walked through our doors, ready to accept the help, support and encouragement she needed to start turning her life around.
Dear Alcohol,
I am ending things with you. Our relationship is over. You have done nothing but cause me grief, promise me false hope, and get in the way of a brighter tomorrow. In your place I have met real friends. Solid humans with big hearts who provide the love and support that you could never bring me. You know nothing about true friendship.
That dreadful night is just one evening in a sea of nightmares that led me swimming ashore in search of a safe haven. The enchanted and beloved Abby’s House has replaced you forever. And for that I am grateful.
It has been just over a year since your ultimate betrayal. Since the night that I flirted with you
on my lips and inhaled your poison into my system. Things became heated that evening and unidentified bruises presented themselves. Not only visible ones, but internal scarring, as well. The night I fled from a damaging situation, fled from harms way, I left behind another person who had also danced with you that evening. With you running through my blood, I made it home safely only to be joined by the red and blue lights that met me as I parked. The other human intoxicated with you called the cops on me. “Guilty as charged!” I exclaimed, surrendering a final time to the misery you brought me. And so my journey began.
The emptiness that followed that particular night with you seemed bottomless. I was left stripped of my pride and my dignity and was left confused and lost. I walked through the next month blindly. I looked towards my immediate family to provide me with the light that was necessary to do what I had to do, including quitting my job (which I enjoyed), surrendering my privilege to drive, and going to court. Yuck. Dealing with legal issues has been life changing at best. And although the legal list of ‘things to do’ seems to be never ending, there is no mistake of a silver lining that has presented itself as I continue on in my life without you.
Along with paying thousands of dollars, going away for two weeks, and continued therapy for a year, I was court ordered to do 100 hours of community service. Abby’s House was recommended by my cherished roommate, and thus my life has blossomed. You have been replaced. Since the moment I walked through the doors of Abby’s, I have felt a welcoming warmth engulf my existence. The staff have been my guardian angels from the first opportunity I was given to speak with them. They were attentive to my story and understanding and compassionate, going above and beyond the help I required. My 100 hours of community service has turned into a lifetime friendship. Not only have staff allowed me to return to my hearts desire; to be there and provide help to others, but they have given
me help as well a two way street.
Now that you have been removed from my
life, there is room for positivity. The rewards for staying at the women’s shelter are immense. Being able to have the opportunity to listen to courageous women has helped me to move forward with confidence as well. Also, an immense contribution to my recovery has been Abby’s house Thrift Shop. I have found a home away from home among the smiling volunteers who help at this shop. This is largely due to
the mentoring I received from Jodi Salerno.
A wonderful women with a huge heart has taught me so much, not only about my love affair with artistic endeavors, but about how I want to conduct my life. Jodi, who will do anything for anyone, has encouraged me to speak up.
When I was friends with alcohol, I was quiet.
I let a toxin lead the way and didn’t have much voice. Being around such a remarkable person has given me the opportunity to be heard.
The encouragement and faith I have received
is a gift I am forever grateful for.
I am happy to have alcohol out of my life forever and all of my friends at Abby’s House
to support me instead. I know that my
friendships will only grow and be nourishing now that I spend my time more productively.
Thank you Abby’s!