A New Chapter Begins

“Hey lady!” These are the two words I hear at least once a day when Tawny stops in the hallway to pop her head into my office. “Hey Tawny how are you?” “Good, good!” she smiles.
Tawny has been a resident here at Abby’s for almost a year now. Tawny is a positive and bubbly person, with a “go-getter” attitude, and is dedicated to her work and commitments. Not only is she fun to be around, she is supportive of the other women and shares her story to help others. There’s no doubt, Tawny is a survivor.
Tawny’s drug use started when she was young. Like many young people, she enjoyed hanging out with friends, going out, partying and having fun. Then someone introduced her to crack cocaine, which marked the beginning of her long struggle with
addiction. She entered a drug rehab facility for the third time 2 years ago and has been sober ever since.
“Before, when I entered rehab, it was for
my mother, or to get my family back, but
the last time I went it was for me. I lost
myself to drugs for awhile, but now I’ve
gotten to know the real Tawny.”
After graduating from the program, Tawny sought a safe, sober facility with a supportive atmosphere. She chose Abby’s House.
“Abby’s House helps in a lot of ways. Katrina worked with me when I became unemployed.
I didn’t have to move out. I feel safe here and I would recommend this place to anybody.”
Since then, Tawny has courageously rebuilt her life. She was offered a job at UMASS Hospital and her relationship with her children has never been better. In addition, she is able to have a direct relationship with her 5 granddaughters!
Most impressive is Tawny’s determination to move forward. She has used her time at Abby’s to save money and stabilize her life. She will be moving into her own apartment in the next few weeks!
These are important steps on the road to independence and Tawny is grateful for the support she received while at Abby’s House.
I’ll miss Tawny’s daily greeting, but I take solace in knowing that she is moving on to an exciting new chapter of her life.