A New City, A New Life

In life, you come across a few people who make you feel totally at ease, like you’ve known them forever even though you’ve just met them; that’s my experience with Maureen. You can find “Mo” in the dining room chatting with housemates over morning coffee or sitting in a quiet spot with her head buried in the most recent mystery novel she borrowed from Annette.  With her spunk and sense of humor, you’d never guess the hardships she has seen, and once you know, you are amazed by her strength, resilience, and positive attitude.

Maureen generously shared the story about her journey to Abby’s House.

All her life, Maureen has been struggling with addiction.  When she finally made the decision to get clean she wanted to stay in Boston, where she is from originally.  Unfortunately, she was unable to join a local recovery program.  As a last resort, Maureen found a program in Central MA.  At first she regretted her choice because she felt isolated, having no transportation and living far from her friends and family, but she ended up being very successful and after 6 months, Maureen was ready to move on to a residential program.

Like so many people out of work, Maureen struggled to find a job due to the economy and transportation restrictions.  How would she afford to leave the program to start her new life?  Maureen and the program staff became very frustrated that she was still there.  They told her if she couldn’t find a job, she would have to go elsewhere.  

Fortunately, Maureen met someone in her recovery program who knew about Abby’s House.  A few weeks later she walked through our doors, and met with our shelter advocate, Parlee.  As fate would have it, the day that Maureen was accepted into the Shelter she also received a job as a Telemarketer.   Two weeks later, she moved from the shelter into one of our long-term housing units at 52 High Street.  Since then Maureen has lost her job due to layoffs.  She continues to live at Abby’s House, where she feels home and no longer in transition. She continues to look for employment in the Medical Reception and Administration field.  Till then, she continues to brighten Abby’s House with her charm and warm spirit.