The Roots & Impact of Homelessness

Homelessness isn’t just about having no place to sleep, eat, or bathe. As you read in the roof story, the effects of homelessness on women and children are significant and long-lasting. Since the mid-’80s, single mothers and their children have been filling out the ranks of
the homeless in disproportionate numbers
in comparison to any other population.
Non-profit housing and homeless agencies – 
who have also suffered from budget cuts – 
are doing the best they can to meet the
increased demand for shelter and affordable housing. If we are truly to change the picture for the homeless – especially single mothers and their children – we must address the root causes that pave the path to homelessness. We encourage all of our Abby’s House supporters to advocate for more affordable housing and living wage jobs so that we can change the outlook and the outcomes for single mothers and their children.