We came across an invaluable tool last month: 
the Crittenton Women’s Union (located in Boston), has an interactive Economic Independence Calculator on their website, which allows you to determine how much it costs for a specific family to live in a specific town or city in MA. Below are the numbers based on 1 Adult with 1 school age child living in Worcester.

The numbers are startling. 
The average income of a woman living at Abby’s with one school age child is well under the self 
sufficiency standard. An annual income of $16,640 is not nearly enough to pay for rent, food, clothing, and childcare. How do people under these circumstances survive? In short, many work long hours, sometimes more than one job, rely on public assistance – such as food stamps and subsidized housing – and places like Abby’s House. However, these families are at high risk for homelessness.
By providing women and children with affordable housing, Abby’s House prevents these families from becoming homeless. You can help Abby’s prevent homelessness for area women and children by making a donation today.