Women's Center

The Women’s Center at Abby’s House provides educational programs, skill-building workshops, social interaction, supportive services, advocacy and referrals for more than 200 women per year who are at risk for or who have already experienced homelessness. The Women's Center offers a variety of on-site resources for women living in poverty, including:

  • health promotion services and activities
  • literacy programs -- including both reading and financial literacy
  • individualized financial counseling and budgeting support and classes
  • computer workstations and computer training
  • English as a Second Language instruction.

We also provide outreach services to health and fitness facilities and programs, food delivery for women who are unable to afford and/or access food, transportation to medical appointments and in-home parenting support for households headed by women.
Many members of the community come to Abby's House to run workshops or provide services. These have included jewelry making, massage, health, and beauty days.  If you would like to run a workshop in the Women's Center, please contact Katrina McNamara: (508)-756-5486, extension 15 or katrina@abbyshouse.org
Activities are subject to change. Before attending a Women’s Center event, please call Katrina at the number above. If Katrina is not available, the receptionist on duty should have a copy of the monthly schedule and should be able to help you.
The Women’s Center plays an important role in our women’s journey to regaining their independence. Women’s Center staff and volunteers provide a welcoming, nurturing environment in which the women of Abby’s House can learn new skills, engage in a variety of activities, socialize, be heard and, together, heal. The poem below was written by one of the Women’s Center members:
crinkle of light reflects the sound of women laughing
the sound of a poem being read pink walls a chair scoots back –
we speak, we talk, we are
by Darleen Gadt, from her book, Weaving, privately published in 2003