#GivingTuesday was created back in 2012 as a way to encourage people to do good and transform communities around the world. All gifts made for #GivingTuesday this year at Abby’s House benefitted the Annette Rafferty Survive to Thrive (ARST) Fund. 20 years ago, the ARST Fund was created to make monies available to shelter guests and housing residents who may be facing unexpected or increased expenses. Maintaining an ongoing pool of funding has never been more important as the women of Abby’s House continue to face the unplanned and life-changing events of COVID-19. This crisis has presented short and long-term challenges for our residents and guests. Due to the economic stress of unemployment, missed rent payments, heightened mental health issues, re-traumatization, and social isolation, the size and scope of requests for use of ARST funds has tripled.

Through the overwhelming generosity of 90 individuals and organizations, a total of $12,828 was raised to provide a financial safety-net for the women of Abby’s House, ensuring that, in the face of an emergency or unplanned expenses, they can continue to rely on this fund to remain financially stable and empowered in their resolve to move their lives forward.

Here are some expenses in which the Annette Rafferty Survive to Thrive Fund has been utilized this year:

  • $25 to help a woman obtain a copy of her state I.D. so that she help her complete employment applications or applications for permanent housing
  • $55 to help cover phone bills so women can keep their phones connected in order to schedule appointments, participate in phone interviews with potential employers, etc.
  • $100 for a month of gas to help women with their own vehicles get to appointments, work, and more
  • $300 for a month of cab rides for the women of Abby’s House to get to interviews, medical appointments, and more
  • $500 to help a woman moving into permanent housing outside of Abby’s House pay for the security deposit