Our team is made up of staff and members of our board of directors. We come from all walks of life, but what we all share is a commitment to the women and children in our community.

Stephanie Page - Executive DirectorStephanie has been in the field of social services for more than 25 years. With an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Public Policy from Brown University, she achieved her Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2008 and her Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Andover Newton Theological School in 2014. She was selected by Abby’s House in 2014 to lead extensive policy evaluations and operational assessments. As a result, she has been developing and implementing operational plans to realize the strategic objectives of the organization in mitigating homelessness. Prior to coming to Abby’s House, Stephanie delivered high quality instruction in sociology that connected concepts related to inequality, gender, and families to real world contexts at Mt. Wachusett Community College. Previous to her teaching experience, she worked as a consultant with nonprofit organizations by leading strategic planning processes, developing fundraising plans and preparing grant proposals, and enhancing communication and teamwork around program and organizational goals

Stephanie Page, Executive Director
508-756-5486 x218

Annette Lorette, Front Office Coordinator
508-756-5486 x210

Colleen McGoldrick, Development and Communications Specialist
508-756-5486 x235

Crystal Mayo, Staff Accountant
Phone: 508-756-5486 x238

Debra Domantas, Database Manager
508-756-5486 x221

Dorrie Maynard, Thrift Shop
508-756-5486 x212

Glamedys Rodriguez, Director of Housing for Women
Phone: 508-756-5486 x220

Jean Anger, Volunteer Coordinator
508-756-5486 x227

Jessica Quinones, Housing Advocate
Phone: 508-756-5486 x215

Jen Froelich, Facilities Manager
Phone: 508-756-5486 x217

Karen King, Director of Programs
508-756-5486 x225

Katherine Calano, Community Partnerships Project Manager
508-756-5486 x228

Kelly Whalen, Director of Development
508-756-5486 x214

Meghan McLeod, Resident Services Manager
508-756-5486 x226

Parlee Jones, Shelter Manager
508-756-5486 x219

Rose Rodriguez, Housing Specialist
508-756-5486 x236

Teju Richardson, Operations Manager
508-756-5486 x222

Wendy Harvey, Thrift Shop Manager
508-756-5486 x224

Adriana Guerrero, Housekeeping
Ellen Clough, Housekeeping
Elaine Lamoureux, Reception
Tess Sneesby, Reception
Juan Valentin, Reception
Jo-Ann Cesary-Guerard, Reception
Mattie Vance, Kitchen Manager
Michelle Ramirez, House Manager

Board of Directors

Ashley Brandin, President
Laurie Matosky, Vice President
Robin Booth, Treasurer
Janine Diliberto, Assistant Treasurer
Samantha McGill, Clerk
Cynthia Pendleton, Assistant Clerk
Eva Akese
Denise Darrigrand
Selina Gallo-Cruz
Alaina Olson
Marjorie Ropp
Carmen Rosado
Jayna Turchek
Ann Stamm
Nydia Valentin
Jacqueline Williams