Staff and Board

Our team is made up of staff and members of our board of directors. We come from all walks of life, but what we all share is a commitment to the women and children in our community.


Julie Orozco, Executive Director

Alexandra Craig, Women’s Services Clinician 

Alfee Westgroves, Shelter Manager

Angie Roman, Thrift Shop Manager

Annemarie Govardhan, Director of Women’s Services

Antonia Kosnoski, Women’s Advocate

Crystal Mayo, Staff Accountant

Debi Domantas, Development Associate and IT Liaison

Elisha Hurtt, Front Office Coordinator

Jamika Townsend, Director of People and Culture

Jennifer Spicer, Associate Director of Development

Justin Vartanian, Facilities Maintenance Manager

Katherine Calano, Women’s Services Supervisor

Kathleen Suchenski, Volunteer and In-Kind Coordinator

Kelly Whalen, Senior Director of Development and Communications

Kimone Dormer, Thrift Shop Assistant Manager

Laurie Belton, Director of Finance and Administration

Locksann Mateo, Director of Housing

Maura Stevens, Food and Nutrition Services Manager

Michelle Duong, Development and Communications Manager

Rose Rodriguez, Associate Director of Housing

Yomaira Galan, Bilingual Case Manager

Adriana Guerrero, Lead Housekeeping
Ellen Clough, Housekeeping
Maryann Donahue, House Manager
Yolanda Hairston, House Manager
Mattie Vance, Kitchen Staff
Ryan Gentile, Maintenance Staff
Elaine Lamoureux, Reception
Jo-Ann Cesary-Guerard, Reception
Kelly Sibley, Reception
Tess Sneesby, Reception

Board of Directors

Laurie Matosky, President
Jennifer Dragon, Vice President
Janine Diliberto, Treasurer
Eva Akese, Assistant Treasurer
Samantha McGill, Clerk
Samantha Jepson, Assistant Clerk
Deborah Bieri
Dr. Adriana DiPasquale
Terry M. Dorsey
Tyrenna Gaines
Gerri Lorusso
Rosibel Perez Torres
Jennifer Romeo-Porcaro
Paula J. Sasso
Jayna Turchek
Jacqueline Williams

Want to join the Abby’s House Board of Directors? Download and complete an application by clicking here, then send it to Executive Director, Julie Orozco at .