Guest Blog – A Celebration of Rebuilding and Transforming with Eastern Bank

Guest Blog – A Celebration of Rebuilding and Transforming with Eastern Bank

Guest Blog written by Eastern Bank:

At Eastern Bank, we strive to be far more than just a good bank. As America’s oldest and largest mutual bank, we believe that our success is directly linked to the strength of the communities we serve. For more than 200 years, we have been there to help individuals, families, and our business clients pursue their goals and dreams. We’re proud of the work of Abby’s House and to support its SPRING-TACULAR. The celebration of rebuilding and transforming women’s lives couldn’t be more relevant to our passionate belief that all people deserve an opportunity for prosperity.

As Abby’s House nears the completion of renovating its approximately 100-year-old building, Eastern’s community development lending team has been there every step of the way, putting its expertise to use to make the financing of the renovations possible. Helping Abby’s House rebuild speaks to our bankers’ commitment to help nonprofits fulfill their vital work in the community and positively affect the lives of many.

Underscoring the commitment of our community development lending team is our commitment to achieving equality for women. In 2018, the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation donated $2.2 million to hundreds of community-based organizations working to eliminate barriers and advance women in our communities. Grant recipients address a range of issues that disproportionately impact women, such as sexual assault, domestic violence and health care. Abby’s House was selected as a Targeted Grant recipient. Through the grant, the women of Abby’s House have continued to be supported and empowered to achieve their dreams regardless of their circumstances.

This virtuous circle of doing well by doing good fulfills the vision of our founders, who understood back in 1818 that doing the “right” thing – that is, providing a safe place to save and borrow to all people – was also “smart,” by providing a freer flow of capital to support the growth of organizations upon which a thriving local community depends. We know they would be proud of Abby’s House and we are too – thank you Abby’s House for all the good you do!