45th Anniversary | Director’s Award Recipient Statements

45th Anniversary | Director’s Award Recipient Statements

Gloria Dilendik & Christine Zecker, 45th Anniversary Director’s Award Recipients

From Gloria Dilendik

It is an honor to share this award with Christine Zecker, founder and co-leader of Women in Wine, although we had an amazing team of women that shared in making our event a success through the years.

I have felt the deepest joy and honor to serve on the Board of Abby’s House, to raise money, make decisions, support the women of Abby’s and the betterment of our community.

Annette Rafferty has been an inspiration, a leader. Abby Kelley Foster was a force, passionate, took action, and made her influence felt. My deepest gift is to share, bring awareness and knowledge about Abby’s House, and all the wonderful work it does for the women of Abby’s and the community, and to continue to champion their journey.

From Christine Zecker

I became aware of Abby’s House as a young woman by my best friend and sister of choice, Gloria Dilendik. I quickly understood why she said these halls were so special. The women within them, and the beautiful Abby’s House team that lifts them up, and help them to facilitate real change in their lives is truly special. As moms it is our innate drive to be able to provide safe and affordable housing for our family. Unfortunately for our community, and the ones who need it most, there is a deficit of this in our community. Remembering my challenging times as a single mom, feeling scared, like I could always be a step away, trying to hold all the balls up in the air…

When Gloria and I founded “Women in Wine” we had no idea it would grow into the beautiful scale it did. Women were steadfastly dedicated to helping women and kids thrive after domestic violence and homelessness. My personal drive, as a woman in the wine industry, and knowing our nation’s women were hurt by my industry (alcohol abuse is often the leading cause of domestic violence) was to counter their pain as much as we could by our positive actions.

My children grew up coming here, cooking with Mattie, watching the committee at our house planning the big Gala, and all of us trying to truly be an Apostle. Telling people, showing people, trying to inspire people to serve if nothing else. I thank you so much for this heartfelt and meaningful honor. I am humbled, truly.