Table Hoppin’: Chef joins staff at Abby’s House

Table Hoppin’: Chef joins staff at Abby’s House

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Maura Stevens is an experienced executive chef who last month accepted the newly created position of food and nutrition services manager at Abby’s House in Worcester, joining a dedicated staff and countless volunteers who work to serve women and children who experience homelessness or who have suffered trauma and abuse.

 “We are excited to have created a new position this year to further serve women and children access to healthy and nutritious foods,” said Stephanie Page, executive director of Abby’s House, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. At Abby’s House, values include hospitality and being a safe and welcoming place, she said. “We treat women with dignity and compassion, and listen to each other and give each other support. We value our diversity and foster healing and well-being for all.”

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