David Andrews serves pancakes for National Pancake Day at Abby’s House

David Andrews serves pancakes for National Pancake Day at Abby’s House

Abby’s House welcomed David Andrews and the New England Patriots Foundation for National Pancake Day on March 1, 2022! David cooked up and served pancakes to the women of Abby’s House, and gave gift bags to each woman living here. After enjoying breakfast for lunchcomplete with a healthy and tasty toppings bar!David sat with a few women to enjoy conversations and photographs. See our photo gallery from the event below.

With news of David Andrews visiting Abby’s House, many news organizations also visited to take photos of another wonderful generous gesture by David. Residents and guests enjoyed having a New England celebrity visiting, and our hearts are full knowing the care and compassion David and his family, and the entire New England Patriots community has for the women and children of Abby’s House.

As the many members of the media entered Abby’s House, we ensured that the privacy and confidentiality of all residents and guests were upheld, and women who welcomed photography and video were recorded for the news articles below.

Read the wonderful article by the Patriots Foundation, and view their photo gallery here.

News Coverage of the Event:

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