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  • If applying as a group or for a community service requirement or project, please complete the following. Please note we are only able to accommodate groups of 8 or less.
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  • I agree that as a volunteer/intern at Abby's House, I will respect the privacy of the guests/residents of Abby's House at all times. I will not solicit information from guests/residents, take photographs, or use personal conversations for research papers, studies or publications without the authorization of the Executive Director. I agree that I will not share my personal information (i.e.. address, email, phone, etc) with any of Abby's House guests/residents nor will I socialize with guests/residents beyond the time I spend as a volunteer at Abby's House. I understand that Abby's House is not responsible for any loss or injury that might occur. I understand that I am bound to protect the confidentiality of all Abby's House information at all times.