At Abby’s House, Daisy Found Herself Again

At Abby’s House, Daisy Found Herself Again

Parlee & Daisy
Shelter Manager, Parlee & Daisy

Daisy is a survivor of domestic violence. Forced to leave her job and flee her home to escape her husband’s abuse, Daisy came to Abby’s broken and with little hope.

An accomplished artist, her husband had also destroyed her paintings and her will to paint.

Then, she found Abby’s, and everything changed. At Abby’s, she found hope and support. As Daisy describes, “Abby’s became my village.”

Given a safe place, she was able to work while looking for affordable housing. She began to paint again and found a new job and an apartment of her own. She found herself again.

“I felt like everyone here was looking at me for me,” Daisy says, “I got me back. I got treated like a person. I was Daisy.”

At our 40th Anniversary Celebration on November 4, 2016 we honored Daisy with the Liberty Farm Award, which is given to a woman who has demonstrated extraordinary strength and courage to survive and thrive.

For us, Daisy symbolizes the struggle and recovery of all of the more than 14,000 women who have come through one of our four doors during these 40+ years, and has left with dignity and confidence restored.