Brightspot Spring 2013

Volume  31, Issue 1; April 2013

By Alex Kartheiser

On any given night, there are 643,067 people experiencing
homelessness in the United States. In Massachusetts, 17,501 people are homeless – an increase from 2011’s total of 16,664. Sadly, homelessness is not going away anytime soon. Communities are struggling with a shortage of resources to meet the increased need for emergency shelter and housing. Abby’s House works not just to provide a solution to homelessness, but to end the cycle of homelessness in the lives of women and children who walk through our doors.

On February 6, 2013 Abby’s House lost our dear friend, Ron Dusoe. Ron and his wife Barbara have been part of the Abby’s House community for over 15 years. As a talented carpenter, Ron put his skills to work for Abby’s House as part of the maintenance team. He was a kind and gentle soul with a great sense of humor and wit. In her eulogy, Sister Hilda wrote so eloquently, “We know Ron touched many lives during his years of service at Abby’s House.

In this edition of the newsletter, we are sharing a special letter we received from a guest in our shelter.
“Dear Abby’s,
I am a 32 year old woman with struggles of my own and have felt lost and out of place pretty much my whole life until I was introduced to Abby’s House by a woman at Catholic Charities.

“Still Wearing Smooth the Path” – Thanks to all of You!
Thank you to everyone who attended one of Annette
Rafferty’s book signings of her second book “Still Wearing Smooth the Path: 10 More Years at Abby’s House,” which were held in November and December 2012 at various
locations in Central MA. It was wonderful to see many familiar faces and become reacquainted with former
volunteers and supporters over the years!
“Still Wearing Smooth the Path: 10 More Years at Abby’s House” is available at the book store at the Worcester

All Grants were received between 11.12.12 - 2.19.13